Building Future Dreams Education Center guides students from setting, implementation, adjustment, cognitive self in to determine their goals in life and understand social, allowing students to pursue a meaningful life.


We help students based on their potential to establish the direction of life, provides strategies for fulfilling the goals.

Who We Are?

BFD is made up of senior school and social education consultant and have experience in teaching of teacher education consultation and guidance for learning organization. Center dedicates to guide high school students set above, implementation, adjust and determine the life goal. At the same time, the center also gears to the needs of the elderly in the popularity of computer knowledge trainings.

Our aim is differential treatment in education, training students' multiple skills, become social elite talent, and a lifelong academic of modern citizens.

Our Aims: Connection, Consistency, Commitment


The Center works with high school students together to do optimizing evaluation of their life goals. Realistic goals and plans become the student's direction and motivation. In the process of implementing education consultant and regular exchange teachers and students, review and adjust the concrete implementation plan, and assist and guide students to a positive attitude in life, the pursuit of a goal is clear, meaningful school life, to meet the increasingly competition of higher education and career.


To enhance the overall competitive advantage of the students, the center not only provides after-school tutoring to help students arrange after-school time, improve the learning effect, also lets the student in addition to knowledge learning, to the students benefit to other aspects of the experience and tools, for personal development, cultivate a new interest in order to improve the social adaptation ability, interpersonal communication skills, self-management ability, and leadership ability and other comprehensive qualities


Center for students self-perception and potential development opportunities, developing students' consciousness of honest, responsible and team spirit of the people. Help students to set up long-term goals and learning motivation, toward a clear goal and is suitable for their own career path

What We Are Doing

The education center to help the students from the following several aspects

Successful Navigation - Career Planning Advice, which includes:

  • set life goals
  • formulate specific implementation plan
  • take action, the pursuit of a meaningful life in the positive feeling and emotions (such as relationships, hobbies, interests, entertainment, etc.)
  • extend the professional social network
  • get personal development
  • develop new interest
  • enrich the understanding of different areas and cognitive
  • integrated into the community
  • enhance personal self-esteem

Outstanding Education - to develop comprehensive quality

  • Mandarin class (Adult and students)
  • Guzheng class (Audlt and students)
  • Math/English/Mandarin Homework Tutoring
  • Arts (Adult and Students)
  • DIY painting class
  • Dance (Adult)
  • Calligraphy class (Adult and Students)
  • Theme and ordinary workshop
  • The public education lecture series
  • Students after-school tutoring for students
  • internship opportunities

How We Do It

Through our system goal oriented education guidance, personalized and interactive teaching methods small class education, our counselor and teacher to help each student achieve their goals. In addition to providing tools to help students' academic excellence, we encourage them through extracurricular activities and volunteer service activities, cultivate their character and leadership potential


The Moments

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