Age: All

Fee: $240 for 12 weeks + 2 hours free follow up, $20 for text book

Download the Class Flyer

Classes Offered:

  • Conversational Mandarin Classes C1 - C2
  • Reading Mandarin Classes R1 – R2,  If you know how to speak Mandarin
  • Business Mandarin Classes B1 - B2, If you are in business and aiming for functionality
  • Standard Mandarin Classes S1– S2, For Cantonese speaker with basic Mandarin skills
  • Individual Lessons

Call us for the schedule and detailed information.

Methodology of the Teaching:

- communicative and interactive approach

- role play

- one hour instruction + 10 min. free E-conversation with teacher

- Instruction will focus on everyday spoken Mandarin and will

- Students are taught the Pinyin Romanization and simplified

Teaching Materials:

- each module is supported by the textbook + CD (student cost)

 Our Teachers:

- professional trainers with rich language teaching experience

- native speakers

- effectively bilingual in English and Chinese

- ability to guide and motivate students towards the right path in learning



The Moments

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