Children and Youth Art Programs

圆梦教育中心提供高质量的中文教学课程:中国语文同步班,家庭作业辅导班。 本中心重点培养孩子的阅读,理解,和说话能力。所有教师为师范大学毕业并从事中文教学多年,经验丰富。所有课程,每单元结束后有单元测试和期末测试。本中心免费提供学生外出锻炼机会:如参加中文朗诵比赛和文艺演出.

上课地点: 圆梦教育中心, Unit 8, 1940 Ironstone Dr. Burlington


3月21日开课, 语文课适合6-8岁学生, 家庭作业补习,适合G1-G7


小学语文课: $15/次, 或 $25/周(2次), 毛老师学生优惠: $10.次

家庭作业辅导:$10/次, 或 $25/月 (4次,$6/次)


周一:4:30 -5:30 pm 小学语文一册

周四:4:30 -5:30 pm 小学语文一册

周四:中文家庭作业辅导 5:30 - 6:30 pm



Teacher: Ms. ZhuGe

Age: 8 Years +

Time: 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Date: April 23 - June 30, Every Thursday

Location: BFD Education Center

Fee:  $20/class


Age: Children/Youth group class, 5 - 6 person, 10 lessons per course

Time: Call for detailed information

Date: Call for detailed information

Fee: $15/hour/person, $28 for 2 hours

Private lesson is also available

We create a positive, supportive and encouraging atmosphere for learning. We believe that motivation and enthusiasm is the key to all successful learning and we help students by providing interesting and enjoyable music, opportunities to play with others and perform for an audience, and at the same time helping them achieve technical competence through hard work, self-discipline and determination.

Beginners I

  • Brief history and structure of the Guzheng
  • How to care for your instrument
  • how to tune a Guzheng
  • Reading Chinese simplified music notation
  • How to use left (optional) and right hand picks
  • Sitting position, posture and hand shapes
  • Recognize the 21 strings
  • Basic fingering techniques I: use of thum, index, middle and forth fingers, intervals and vibrato, glide

Upon the completion of the course, students are able to play some simple melodies on the Guzheng, et. Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, cradle song, and Beauty Yu.

Beginners II

This course covers more basic fingering techniques including bending, glissando and left hand plucking.

Many short songs and common melodies utilizing the basic fingering techniques are covered, eg. Jasmine Flowers, Bay of Nan Ni, Purple Bamboo Tune. Upon completion of the course, students are able to play some simple melodies on the Guzheng including some simple Grade 1 level exam songs like the Thousand Voice Buddha and the golden mountain of Peking.

Beginners III

This course is a continuation of Beginners I and Beginners II, and goes onwards to cover more songs and techniques, including introductory tremolo. At the end of the course, the student will be able to play some famous Guzheng solo pieces, like the Fisherman Boat Song.

The Moments

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